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Referral Program


To start referring members with our referral program, simply register a new account by clicking on the Register link. After signing up, log in to your member's area and you will see your referral link with your username. Use this link to promote our program and start earning referral commission! Once someone registers through your referral link, he automatically becomes your referral! You will receive 5% to 20% on 1st Level for every deposit of your referrals depending on their number: 1-100 Referrals: 5%, 101-200 Referrals: 7%, 201 - 500 Referrals: 10%, 501 - 1000 Referrals: 15% 1001 - or more Referrals: 20%. You can also earn 2% on 2nd Level and 1% on 3rd Level for every deposit that your referral makes from payment processors.


We give you the tools you need to advertise our program! To use our banner links, log in to your account and click Banners on the user menu. There you will find banners of different size, with code underneath. All of the banner codes already have your referral link included. Use these banners to promote our program, and you will earn a referral bonus from any member who makes a deposit!

3 Level Referral Program

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